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Rooted In Community (RIC) is a national grassroots network that empowers young people to take leadership for food justice in their own communities-the space for youth from excluded communities to have voice and influence on their own futures. We are a diverse movement of youth and adults working together in urban and rural agriculture, food sovereignty and social justice. Our purpose is to build capacity so that people can create health for themselves and their communities.

Rooted in Community (RIC) is a project of Earth Island Institute.  Over 75 organizations from around the U.S. have participated in the RIC national network since its founding in 1998. RIC has strengthened the leadership skills of hundreds of youth and adult community organizers by co-sponsoring intensive national trainings, action days, and networking opportunities.

The TOOL SHED Background:

Over the years, RIC leaders have asked of its members, "what do you want from RIC, and what can you contribute to RIC?"  One of the responses heard over and over from participating leaders in RIC organizations is that they want RIC to serve as a resource and support system for program and professional development.  In order to empower the youth voice around food justice issues and ensure that this youth voice has power, we also need to support the adult leaders in their work.  To that end, we have created this website to share the wealth of ideas out there.

This website is a resource provided by RIC to facilitate lesson, program, and resource sharing.  Any RIC member can submit a lesson and make it available to other members.   Here you can search for that perfect food justice lesson for your group or submit that stellar lesson that you just created.  You can share that website that gave you inspiration and guidance and check out where others got theirs.

User Policy:

The resources on this site are for sharing widely.  The adding of lessons and resources is limited to members.  To inquire about user privilege, please email To see a list of available lessons, click here. We encourage all users to not only use the resources to your heart's content, but also to contribute solid lessons and resources that others can use.    Individual users are responsible for what they post, including the source and content of lessons.  RIC is not liable for misrepresented or plagiarized materials

This collection is a collaborative effort by all members, and let's keep growing it together!